If you are used to living in Lancaster, you know how brutal the summer heat can be. After an afternoon of outdoor work or play, you will be ready to relax in a nice, cool home. A reliable HVAC may quickly become the most important appliance in your house during those longest days of the year.

Rely on Seth Energy to keep you and your family cool throughout the season. Our team of professionals can help match your home’s cooling needs with top-quality HVAC systems if you are in the market for a new one. Current models provide excellent cooling and improved energy efficiency.

If you are happy with your current HVAC system, our trained professionals can come out to inspect, tune up, and clean your system before the heat really hits. On the other hand, if you require repair services, give us a call, and we will be happy to send out a professional to fix your air conditioner as quickly as possible.

Not only does yourHVAC keep you and your family comfortably cool in the Pennsylvania dog days of summer, but it will also dehumidify your indoor air. Keeping your home at the correct humidity level can reduce common allergens such as mold and mildew, protect your electronics and appliances from humidity damage, and improve your overall indoor air quality.

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Heating and Oil Delivery

Our team at Seth Energy takes great pride in offering reliable heating oil delivery services to homes and businesses throughout Lancaster, PA. We offer flexible pricing options and automatic delivery schedules to make our service affordable and convenient.

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Propane Delivery

No stress, no surprises—that our guarantee when you need propane delivery services. Our team at Seth Energy provides the Lancaster, PA region with prompt and reliable service at affordable prices. Together, we’ll create a dependable delivery schedule so that you never have to worry about running out of propane.

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Natural Gas

When heating your Lancaster, PA home or business in the winter, you can count on Seth Energy to offer affordable natural gas pricing to meet your needs and budget. We deliver quality services and value to all our customers in Lancaster and Chester counties. Give us a call today.

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If you are looking for electrical services to repair or enhance your Lancaster home, you will want to turn to a professional. Our team at Seth Energy provides a wide range of electrical services including lighting, circuit breaker work, smart device installation and upgrades, generators, or other wiring upgrades or repairs. Consider these details:

  • Lighting. Whether you are considering upgrading your outdoor lighting for aesthetic or security reasons or changing up your inside lighting for practical ones, a professional electrician can make sure the work is performed correctly and safely.
  • Circuit breaker work. If you are a homeowner in Pennsylvania, you may need circuit breaker panel service. Our trained electricians can install new breaker panels, upgrade current service, repair problems, or provide regular maintenance for this important electrical component of your home.
  • Advanced technology. Considering integrating smart home technology into your home? This often requires adjustments of current electrical systems. For example, USB wall outlets as well as adjustable, voice-controlled lighting options are becoming more and more popular today.
  • Generators. Installing generators that will automatically turn on when you lose power in your home can bring peace of mind. By choosing reliable electrical service, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your family in the case of power interruptions.

When you need more information about electrical services, call Seth Energy at 717-850-8500. Our professionals are standing by, ready to serve you. Request electrical service online today.


Homeownership comes with its advantages and its challenges. One of the most stressful things about owning a Lancaster home is dealing with plumbing problems. When problems inevitably arise, you could have a minor inconvenience or a major emergency on your hands.

Our team at Seth Energy provides comprehensive plumbing services to come to your rescue. Whether you are struggling with a dripping faucet or dealing with a broken water line, turn to our trained professionals for assistance.

We have experience with unclogging sinks and toilets, repairing leaks, and a myriad of other plumbing issues that can come up. Failing to address plumbing problems promptly can mean more expensive water damage down the road.

If you are building a new Pennsylvania home or planning an addition to your current one, you may need to install a new plumbing system and fixtures. It is important to understand the intricacies of installing plumbing properly in order to create an efficient and reliable system. If you are adding to your current system, you will want to be sure your new plumbing is correctly integrated into your system.

Even if your plumbing system is functioning well, it is always a smart idea to have a professional perform a regular inspection to check for leaks, sewer line issues, and more. Routine maintenance can help reduce the likelihood of major problems later.

When you need more information about plumbing services, call Seth Energy at 717-850-8500. Our experts would be happy to help with installation, repair, or maintenance. Request plumbing service online today.