Fleet Fueling

Seth Energy fleet fueling truck

Onsite Fleet Fueling:

Improve Your Productivity and Save Operating Costs

The cost to your business for each driver to stop at a gas station and fuel their own vehicle is significant. The average fuel stop takes between 20 and 30 minutes or more if the driver goes inside to purchase food and drink. Not only do you save labor costs, but also opportunity cost. Many times drivers have the opportunity to do additional work or deliveries in the time they would have spent fueling.

Competitive Prices and Risk Management

Pricing is dependent on volume, but is competitive with prices at the pump.

With less variables to consider you can fix or cap your fuel prices based on your business needs.

Happy Drivers

Drivers start their day with a truck with a full fuel tank. They don’t have to worry about finding a gas station or dealing with messy fuel pump nozzles.

Quick and Accurate Fuel Cost Tracking

No more messy paper receipts or ballpark guessing. Electronic reporting for fuel tracking for each truck.


We come to your business and fuel your fleet directly from our trucks.

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