Convert to Propane

Convert to Propane

Why Make the Switch from Heating Oil to Propane?

When it comes to your home, not all things get better with age. As your heating oil furnace gets older and starts to malfunction it becomes less efficient, which can increase maintenance costs in your home. In addition to the rising cost in heating oil prices you also have the hassle of constant furnace cleanings. Converting to propane is the smart choice.

It’s time to find a better solution.

Propane-powered heating systems surpass heating oil in every way. You will enjoy lower energy costs, higher efficiency, and a cleaner solution for the environment.

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Benefits of Converting to Propane

High Energy Performance

When it comes to heating your home performance is key. Not only does propane heat your home quickly but you will also enjoy the benefit from the high-efficiency performance in water heaters, kitchen appliances, dryers, outdoor grills, fireplaces, and backup power generation in inclement weather.


Propane is a clean and eco-friendly choice for the environment because it burns cleanly and produces less greenhouse gas emissions. Heating oil, in addition to being messy and having an unpleasant smell, has the potential to leak and cause spills which can be a hazard to the environment.

Comfort Control

Easily control your home’s temperature and choose from a single-speed, multi-speed, or variable-speed blower, which gives you the flexibility to control the flow of heat in your home. This allows you to better manage your heating costs and increase the over-all comfort of your home.

Locally Produced

Nearly 90% of the propane burned in the United States is produced domestically. Propane is abundant in supply and in most cases production is local.

Low Maintenance

Propane tanks are low maintenance and are designed to prevent corrosion. Unlike heating oil, propane does not degrade or create sludge over time.  The fuel quality of propane is as good in an older tank as it is in a new tank.  No tank? No problem! You can use one of ours.

It’s Time to Improve the Comfort of Your Home

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