If you are used to living in Lebanon, you know how brutal the summer heat can be. After an afternoon of outdoor work or play, you will be ready to relax in a nice, cool home. A reliable HVAC may quickly become the most important appliance in your house during those longest days of the year.

Rely on Seth Energy to keep you and your family cool throughout the season. Our team of professionals can help match your home’s cooling needs with top-quality HVAC systems if you are in the market for a new one. Current models provide excellent cooling and improved energy efficiency.

If you are happy with your current HVAC system, our trained professionals can come out to inspect, tune up, and clean your system before the heat really hits. On the other hand, if you require repair services, give us a call, and we will be happy to send out a professional to fix your air conditioner as quickly as possible.

Not only does yourHVAC keep you and your family comfortably cool in the Pennsylvania dog days of summer, but it will also dehumidify your indoor air. Keeping your home at the correct humidity level can reduce common allergens such as mold and mildew, protect your electronics and appliances from humidity damage, and improve your overall indoor air quality.

When you need more information on HVAC, call Seth Energy at 717-850-8500. Our professionals are standing by, ready to serve you. Request HVAC service online today.

Heating and Oil Delivery

Our team at Seth Energy takes great pride in offering reliable heating oil delivery services to homes and businesses throughout Lebanon, PA. We offer flexible pricing options and automatic delivery schedules to make our service affordable and convenient.

Contact us at 717-850-8500 or request service online today.

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Propane Delivery

No stress, no surprises—that our guarantee when you need propane delivery services. Our team at Seth Energy provides the Lebanon, PA region with prompt and reliable service at affordable prices. Together, we’ll create a dependable delivery schedule so that you never have to worry about running out of propane.

Contact us at 717-850-8500 or request service online today.

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Natural Gas

When heating your Lebanon, PA home or business in the winter, you can count on Seth Energy to offer affordable natural gas pricing to meet your needs and budget. We deliver quality services and value to all our customers in Lancaster and Chester counties. Give us a call today.

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From time to time, you may need to hire an electrician to address problems or expansions in your Lebanon home. Seth Energy provides professional electricians to add indoor or outdoor lights, security systems, or smart home devices. In addition, we can help install, repair, or upgrade electrical services including generators, wiring, or circuit board panels.

In today’s highly technological world, there are many gadgets, tools, and systems designed to make life easier in your Pennsylvania home. Adding one or two new electronic toys may not have an effect on your electrical system, but when you start installing major entertainment systems, house-wide smart devices, or other such technology, you want to make sure you are not overloading your electrical system.

Our trained electricians can come out and inspect your current wiring and circuit board system, as well as your planned additions to help you scale your system so it can handle the new electrical load. Once you understand your capacity, you can consider items such as generators, outdoor flood lighting, or home security systems.

Occasionally, you may require general maintenance or repairs on your electrical system. It’s important to rely on a professional to make sure the work is performed safely and effectively while meeting building codes.

Whenever you require electrical services, call Seth Energy at 717-850-8500. Our licensed electricians will be happy to evaluate your situation and answer any questions you might have. Request electrical service online today.


Plumbing is one of those Pennsylvania home necessary systems you heavily rely upon but fail to give it attention until there is a problem. You do not often think about the functionality of sinks, toilets, and water lines until they malfunction, but when they do, you want them to be fixed as quickly and easily as possible.

Our Lebanon area team of plumbers is prepared to help you immediately deal with these messy issues.

Whether you are facing a simple problem such as a clogged drain or a leaky sink, or a major emergency like a broken water line, our Seth Energy plumbers are equipped with the experience and resources to help you. Our plumbers know quick, effective action is key to preventing future damage and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition, our professionals are familiar with installation and expansion of plumbing systems. If you are building a new house or adding a new bathroom onto your current residence, you want our help or advice with your plumbing projects. Having a proper understanding of plumbing’s complexities is the best way to avoid untimely mishaps in the future.

If you are in dire need of help now or, alternatively, you are just looking for a professional to perform a routine checkup, feel free to contact Seth Energy at 717-850-8500. Our team is ready to answer your questions and efficiently address any plumbing problems you might have. Request plumbing service online today.